Virus, trojan, spyware, and adware have always been threats to computers regardless how better antivirus software has become. Sometimes it takes as little as 2 seconds for your computer to be infected by virus. You may have visited a wrong website, downloaded a wrong piece of software, opened an unexpected email attachment, or maybe your friend has just shared a virus-infected file with you without even knowing that the file carries virus.

Destructive viruses can cause data file corruption, file damage and system failure. Some world famous viruses are known to have crashed millions of computers, or stealing confidential information from users. Trojan horses open certain ports and leave the computer potentially vulnerable to other attacks. Virus is infectious from one computer to another through exchange of file or email. Spyware, adware tracks user Internet surfing behavior and deliver buyer specific marketing materials. The most common form of such materials are pop-up advertisements.
Browser hijack is a common symptom of spyware and adware, it takes over your computer Internet browser and sets your homepage to an unfamiliar search page, delivers popup ads randomly, or shows you some “prizes” that you have “won”.

Removing virus, trojan, spyware and adware is usually time-consuming and not an easy job. It’s far beyond knowledge of normal computer users. It may also result in loss of data if not done correctly.

What we can help

  • Manually remove virus, trojan, spyware and adware

  • Manually remove brower hijack, injected browser advertisements

  • General computer health check

  • Reinstall Windows and restore it to normal working order if necessary

  • Back up your important data where necessary

  • Install antivirus software if you haven’t got one (purchase of software is required)

If your computer has one of the following problems:

  • Computer is running slower than it used to be, or

  • Unwanted popup advertisements appearing on screen, or

  • Computer crashes, or

  • Blue screen of death errors, or

  • Virus warning messages, or

  • Computer stops responding often, or

  • Computer cannot boot into Windows, or

  • Internet Explorer directs to some unfamiliar pages that you don’t want to see, or

  • Fraudulent antivirus, or anti-spyware software asking you to purchase, etc

it may have virus, trojan, spyware or adware. Talk to one of our computer IT specialists today so you can start using your computer with a peace of mind.



Is your desktop computer slow? Crashing? Or having spyware & viruses? Or is Windows not starting at all? We can always help.

Desktop computers are usually easier and cheaper to fix comparing to laptops because replacement parts are widely available, more standardized and cheaper. It is always worth fixing your computers rather than buying a new one and going through the hassle of setting it up again. Also keep in mind that desktop computers are generally more reliable and faster than laptops.

Your desktop computer may still have lots of values. With just some changes, maintenance and optimization, we will get your computer to work at its best, just like new!

What we can help

  • – Remove virus and spyware.
  • – Fix blue screen of death errors.
  • – Troubleshoot Windows not starting problems, i.e. unsuccessful start-up repair, missing or corrupted DLL files, NTLDR missing error, blue screen errors, black screen errors, cannot log in to user profile, forgotten windows log-in password, etc.
  • – Repairs on computers not turning on.
  • – Fix problems with computers running slow, unstable, crashes.
  • – Repairs on problems with computer making noise, dust, over-heating issues.
  • – Repair and replace damaged desktop computer parts.
  • – Recover data from desktop computers.
  • – Help to set up computers, printers, connect to the Internet and network, set up a secured wireless network, and firewall.
  • – Troubleshoot network problems, wireless problems.
  • – Upgrade desktop computers, system maintenance and optimisation, boost speed and performance and much more.


If your computer is not working as it should be, call us now to have our computer technicians diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote.



It is surprising that many home and business computer users do not have any backup set up in their computers. It is where you store all your family pictures, resumes, music and movies you spend months downloading, work documents and programs, financial data and so on. Just imagine they are all gone because of a power surge, a burglary, viruses, or just a simple drop.

If your hard drives have failed, or maybe your computer just crashed so you can’t access your data, or maybe your external drive dropped, let us check the drive and give you a quote for data recovery. A common mistake is that most customers have unsuccessfully attempted extracting data themselves, this may significantly reduce our chance of recovering the data.

What we can help

  • – Recover data from damaged hard drives if possible
  • – Recover data from damaged USB flash drive, USB external hard drive if possible
  • – Recover accidentally deleted files or folders
  • – Recover data from non-working computers and laptops, including Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iMac, Mac Pro computers
  • – Save data from virus-infected computers and laptops
  • – Help to set up automatic backup for your computers
  • – If your data is unrecoverable, we are able to direct you to other companies that might be able to help


If your data is at risk, stop using the computer, don’t wait until it’s too late, talk to our technicians today to secure your valuable data.



AITP provides efficient, fast, and friendly IT support for desktops, servers, networking devices and applications. If you depend on your IT infrastructure for your business, it is important to ensure that your IT support provider is responsive and effective. Ideally, they should also be pre-emptive. AITP is all of those things. When you engage us as your support provider we will monitor your systems, perform routine maintenance, and in many cases catch problems before they begin to affect your end users. When a problem pops up that interrupts your or your employees’ work, we will fix it remotely or onsite, and in record time.

Our offerings include ad-hoc support, whereby you utilise our services on a more casual basis and simply pay based on time. Alternatively, we also offer managed service style solutions, whereby we manage and monitor your business network and provide remote and onsite support, all for a fixed monthly price and with absolutely no lock-in contracts! Essentially, you can have the benefit of a full-time IT staffer without anywhere close to the cost. Furthermore, you get to draw on our collective knowledge and experience as well as our significant resources should your business grow rapidly.

We believe in going the extra mile to help our business clients, and to this end we offer:

  • – Prompt response
  • – Clear communication – no geekspeak!
  • – No Fix No Fee
  • – No Call-out Fees
  • – Flexibility both on price and on solutions
  • – A trusted ally who will help your business grow
  • – Online services to help you leverage your internet presence
  • – Web design, search engine optimisation, Adwords management, social media


Business Server Support

Many businesses are reliant on a server for their IT environment. The cost to keep servers running well can often be excessive if maintenance is performed irregularly and things only examined when everything falls over in a heap. We offer a number of options for ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your servers, starting as low as $59 per month. Our 24/7 monitoring platform allows us to catch problems before they begin to cause problems to you and your employees. This saves you time and money, as the opportunity cost of a failed server can be very high.

Business Technical Support

Our technicians are never stumped as to what to do. No problem is ever too big or too for us to deal with, so do not hesitate to contact us with your technical support enquiry. If you are after advice in terms of IT solutions, we are also able to assist in figuring out the best path forward for your business. Our IT consulting services are extremely comprehensive and draw on the wide range of experience within AITP.




Are you looking for experienced IT professionals who can help you with efficient server client network systems? Do you require a File Server, Fax Server, or Exchange Server for your emails? Do you require Terminal Server for MYOB access? If your answer is Yes for any of these, Safemode can help!

Over the past years, we have helped a number of business clients to plan, design and implement server client network systems, improving business efficiency and data security. We supply and install custom built servers or branded servers (Dell, HP, IBM, etc), whichever we believe is the best for your company. We have been helping our clients to build sophisticated, cost-effective server client solutions. Have one of our consultants visit your office, discuss with you in person to understand your requirements and expectations. We will then be able to provide you with customised solutions that work for you.

Today’s companies are seeing record growth through the Internet and great technology. To make the most of these opportunities, companies like yours understand they must transform their enterprises via new technology. However, choosing and implementing the right solution that can deliver the functionality, flexibility and scalability you need can be challenging. That’s why you need experienced IT Professionals who can identify your needs and requirements and provide you with practical solutions.

Featured benefits

  • – Data security: RAID technology helps securing data from hard drive failure
  • – Exchange server, DHCP server, web server
  • – Centralized data: Resources and data security are centralized and controlled through the server
  • – Accessibility: Server can be accessed remotely and across multiple platforms
  • – Speed: network will run far better as data and resources are handled by a dedicated machine
  • – Backup: as all data is stored centrally, it is easier to setup and maintain data backup
  • – Minimal downtime: when a client computer need to be serviced, simply change to another client computer, log in as usual with your username and password, your files and emails are there
  • – Support and management: as the server controls the majority of settings on the network, the job of support is far easier as the main element of support is provided to the server and not individual machines. Global changes are easy to make from one location

Contact us today for an obligation-free appointment to identify what you need, and get a server client solution that suits you best!



Over the years, technology has advanced from dial-up Internet to broadband Internet, wired network to wireless. Today almost every household has broadband access with wireless. While networking has been made simpler, sometimes you may run into problems with the basics.

Most Internet Service Provider provides technical support over the phone, but often they cannot offer a solution after you have spent hours on the phone going through all the lengthy troubleshooting. Save your time! Our experienced IT professionals are here to help. It often just takes us an hour or less to get it right.

What we can help

  • – Set up and troubleshoot broadband Internet and network
  • – Set up and troubleshoot secured wireless network
  • – Set up and troubleshoot emails
  • – Set up and troubleshoot wired or wireless network printers
  • – Set up peer-to-peer network or server-client network
  • – Fix intermittent Internet problems, wireless dropping out problems
  • – Troubleshoot slow Internet or wireless problem
  • – Help you to set up remote access so that you can work remotely
  • – Install wireless modem routers, access points, network switches
  • – Extend your wireless network coverage
  • – Install Apple AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, AirPort Time Capsule devices
  • – and many more


If you’re struggling with your Internet and network, contact us today and our technicians will help resolve the issue.